China is paradise for Importers and best time to visit China could be Business exhibitions, china held around 100 international exhibition around the year where supplier all over the china display there products for buyers and you can find all the products at one place.

Canton fair: Canton fair is held in Guangzhou city know as Canton, its near HONGKONG, Its largest business exhibition in the world, its held twice in year for almost 15 days at a stretch in three phases of 5 days each, its normally held in month of april-may and oct-nov.

Its good to visit canton fair if you have large business and you look for huge quantity, if you are new to business then we will suggest you don’t visit this fair reason is
1. Its very costly in terms of stay & travel in canton fair
2. you wont get the small quantity and your trip will be not fruitful, we can arrange your trip to canton.

Yiwu fair: Yiwu is small commodity city of China where you can source all the products present on earth, its held twice in year and adjusted in such way that people who visit canton fair can visit the yiwu fair too, its held for 5 days in between Canton fair, you can source small quantity like 1 carton from this place, maximum small Indian traders buy from here.

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